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What We Clean

All of our cleans are very thorough, we do not surface clean. To the right you’ll find a breakdown of what’s completed every clean.

In General / All Spaces

- We now include disinfection of important contact surfaces in the home. Dusting all level surfaces (where the cleaner reaches, less than 180cm in height).
- Vacuuming floors and carpets.
- Damp mopping floors (if floor material suitable for damp mopping)
- Stain removal from door frames, door handles and light switches
- Wiping mirrors and other glass surfaces (excluding windows)


- Exterior cabinet doors spot wiped
- Backsplash wiped
- Appliance exteriors polished
- Kickplate wiped
- Counters fully wiped and sanitized
- Floors mopped
- Baseboards dusted
Sink polished
- Dishwasher sanitized
- Hood fan cleaned
- Stove top detailed and polished
- Microwave interior
- Garbage emptied and can rinsed


- Sinks cleaned and sanitized
- Shower and tub cleaned and sanitized
- Towels washed (and replaced if they are dry in time!)
- Toilet cleaned and sanitized
- Counter top cleaned and sanitized
- Cabinets spot wiped
- Window sills wiped
- Glass and mirrors smudge free
- Chrome is shined
- Trash emptied, pail rinsed
- Floors hand washed, tile/grout scrubbed
- Baseboards wiped
- Doors spot wiped, handles disinfected


- Strip beds prior to arrival and leave fresh bedding for us to make up beds. If not, we will use the original bedding to make them up.
- We do not launder bedding.
- Glass cleaned and smudge free
- Decor dusted
- Hard surfaces dusted, vacuumed and wet wiped
- Baseboards vacuumed
- Rugs vacuumed
- Floors vacuumed (and mopped if applicable)
- Doors and walls spot wiped
- Light fixtures/fans dusted (within reach)
- We only move furniture if safe to do so

Laundry Room

- Washer interior detailed, seals sanitized, exterior polished
- Dryer lint trap cleaned, exterior polished
- Doors and walls spot wiped
- Trash emptied
- Floors vacuumed and mopped
- Baseboards vacuumed (scrubbing is an extra charge)

Separately Ordered

- Ironing
- Fridge clean and organization
- Oven clean
- Walls
- Baseboards scrubbed
- Interior windows and window tracks
- Blinds
- Move in/Move out cleans
- Special requests

Not Included in Service

To avoid misunderstandings, the following tasks are not included in the ordered service:

- Wiping/cleaning walls and dusting pictures
- Wiping/cleaning of the ceiling and other surfaces that cannot be reached without special equipment
- Removal of difficult stains
- Cleaning the floor drain
- Cleaning odour traps
- Cleaning of ventilation valves and ventilation slots
- Moving heavy furniture and home appliances
- Renovation cleaning
- Cleaning after renovations
- Cleaning furniture

Customer testimonials

"Sufia at Spotless is always so thoughtful and caring with cleaning our home, the air feels lighter after she leaves, "



"Spotless went above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely be using their services again"



"10/10 service"



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